June 2018 United States Particle Accelerator School Course
Classical Mechanics & Electromagnetism
Jeffrey Eldred, Kiersten Ruisard, Jayakar “Charles” Thangaraj, Stephen Webb

USPAS Syllabus Website 

Course Textbook: “Classical Mechanics” 3rd. Ed. by Goldstein, Poole, & Safko

Gennady Stupakov Text and Errata

    Other Books:

  • Classical Electrodynamics 3rd. Ed. by Jackson
  • Mathematical Method in Physical Sciences 3rd. Ed. by Boas
  • Lectures on Nonlinear Orbit Dynamics Dragt.
  • Classical Dynamics 1st. Ed. by Jose and Saletan
  • Theory and Design of Charged Particle Beams by Martin Reisner

Class Lectures:
First Monday
Lecture 1A Introduction
Lecture 1B Oscillators
Lecture 1C Perturbation Methods
Lecture 1D Relativity
Lecture 1E Hamiltonian Mechanics
First Tuesday
Lecture 2A Phase-Space
Lecture 2B Canonical Transformations
Lecture 2C Accelerator Hamiltonian
Lecture 2D Accelerator Physics Overview
Lecture 2E Longitudinal Dynamics
First Wednesday
Lecture 3A Magnetic Multipoles
Lecture 3B Magnetostatics & Magnet Design
Lecture 3C Nonlinear Resonances
Lecture 3D Numerical Methods in Dynamics
HW 2.2 Phase-space Diagram
First Thursday
Lecture 4A Electrostatics & EM Transformation
Lecture 4B Space-charge
Lecture 4C Lienard-Wierchert Potentials
First Friday
S. Webb Lecture Symplectic Maps
S. Webb Lecture Symplectic Tracking
Dragt Lectures on Nonlinear Orbit Dynamics (Primary Reference)
Forest Dispersive Lattice Functions in a 6D Psuedeo-Harmonic Oscillator
Ruth A Canonical Integration Technique
Neri Lie Algebras and Canonical Integration
Forest Geometric Integration for Particle Accelerators
Forest-Ruth Fourth-Order Symplectic Integration
Wu-Forest-Robin Explicit Symplectic Integrator for s-dependent Static Magnetic Field
Second Monday
Lecture 6A Cavities & Waveguides
Lecture 6B Transmission Lines & Resonators
Second Tuesday
Synchrotron Radiation 1
Synchrotron Radiation 2
Space-charge Lecture
Second Wednesday
Lecture 8A Wakefields
Animations of Beam Breakup
Second Thursday
Review Lecture

Homework Assignments:
HW 1 Assignment
HW 2 Assignment
HW 3 Assignment
HW 4 Assignment
HW 5 Assignment
HW 6 Assignment
HW 7 Assignment

Jan 2016 USPAS Course in Classical Mechanics & Electromagnetism
The 2016 version of this course was taught by Greg Penn of LBL and I served as a associate instructor. I’ve uploaded the lectures as a resource.

USPAS2016 lectures:
Lecture 1 Syllabus
Lecture 2 Linear and Nonlinear Oscillators
Lecture 3 Lagrangian and Hamiltonian
Lecture 4 Canonical Transformations
Lecture 5 Liouville’s Theorem
Lecture 6 Hamiltonian of a Circular Accelerator
Lecture 7 Equations of Motion in an Accelerator
Lecture 8 Action-Angle Variables in an Accelerator
Lecture 9 Closed Orbit Distortion
Lecture 10 Resonance Overlap and Dynamic Aperture
Lecture 11 Vlasov Equation and Decoherence
Lecture 13 Special Relativity and Electromagnetic Equations
Lecture 14 Electrostatics
Lecture 15 Self-field Relativistic Beam
Lecture 16 Aperture Effects on a Beam
Lecture 17 Plane Waves & Gaussian Beams
Lecture 18 Radiation and Retarded Potentials
Lecture 20 Synchrotron Radiation
Lecture 22 Transition and Diffraction Radiation
Lecture 23 Formation Length and Coherent Radiation
Lecture 24 Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Wake
Lecture 25 RF Cavity and Waveguide Modes

Original Supplemental Lectures:
Mon Week 1 Longitudinal Accelerator Dynamics
Tues Week 1 Generating Functions and Action-Angle
Wed Week 1 Betatron Motion
Thur Week 1 Nonlinear Sextupole Resonance
Mon Week 2 Retarded Potentials
Tues Week 2 Wakefield Impedance
Wed Week 2 Electron Cloud
Thur Week 2 Review